Be Part of Something Epic

Higher Click is unlike any other company you’ve been involved with. By breaking down the barriers between work and play, we create a challenging, stimulating environment that pushes all our employees to reach their potential and to invest fully in their work. It’s this atmosphere that unites us, compels us forward, and makes us excited to come in on Monday. Join us!


At Higher Click, our focus is simplicity: we work directly and openly to solve real business problems for both our clients and ourselves. We use cutting edge technologies and software, so we can remain knowledgeable experts in our field. Higher Click adopts a lean methodology approach to almost everything we do, meaning there is little or no red tape to get in your way if you want to build and test an idea that you think will help the company. In fact, we strongly encourage free and creative thinkers to solve challenging problems independently. Above all, we seek to reach great heights with awesome people.


Our culture mimics big tech companies like Google and Facebook, with a bit of European startup flare thrown in for seasoning. We want everyone to be hyper efficient and even encourage people to outsource and automate their own jobs – freeing them up to take on even bigger challenges within the company. As part of this hyper efficiency drive, we seek to do everything in a scaleable and productive way. We don’t like wasted time and always try to maximize what we do in any given day so that we reap the rewards in the future.


In order to get the most out of our awesome employees, we do everything we can to make people comfortable at work. There are no antiquated dress codes at Higher Click, we reserve ample space in our schedule for socializing, and you might even find someone’s dog brushing up against your leg at the office one morning. Our “gaming area”, equipped with your favorite N64 classics, is heavily utilized by those needing a quick break to recharge their brains. We believe that people should be free to express themselves and genuine with their beliefs. That’s why learning and personal development are huge parts of our mentality. Everyone is constantly learning new things and pushing themselves further. But, of course, a lighthearted atmosphere keeps everyone upbeat and positive.


So what kind of people work here? We like people who are hungry, not just for the delicious homemade palacsinta (Hungarian crepes) that you see above, but for real success. We value grit, determination, and personality over grades and pedigree any day. Want to join our team of winners and be part of something great? Check out our jobs in the sidebar.