Having the Edge: 5 Ways To Find Guest Post Partners Fast

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Guest posting is fast becoming the weapon of choice in link building. More and more people are starting to reach out to bloggers, connect with others in the blogsphere and try their hand at this challenging task. I have decided to write this post to help new guest posts score some quick wins. Be forewarned though, guest posting requires awesome content (or an awesome writer) and most importantly: you must have something to say.


I. Register first:

Some bloggers usually leave a small gap for guest bloggers to try their luck: they let them register to their blog CMS directly as a contributor. The only thing standing in your way is a validation email to the owner, and you are ready to go. Registering on the blog CMS is quick and easy. It’s a sure fire way to ensure your content get reviewed. To find them I usually use some queries like:

“contribute” inurl:”guest-post” “register” OR ”register as a contributor” inurl:”guest”

There is a good recipe here, basically the equation is:

“common lines used for registration” + filtering relevant pages by URL with an operator = Pick you favorite blogs!

The edge:

You already have established a foothold on the  bloggers site, so it will not require much effort to convince the blogger to review your article. You can also bypass any email filters and other barriers which prevent your content getting published. If you gain access as a wordpress or other CMS contributor, all you have to do is upload, edit and you are done! Be sure to keep a close eye to the guest post guidelines, or you can quickly loose your privileged state.

II. Let them find you!

Using popular guest post forums is really great. Also, if they have any kind of guest post service supporting function, it’s even better. We usually check these places to find great possible partners for our guest posting service:

  • Myblogguest: The largest community (that we observed), with almost endless ammounts of potential partners.
  • Guestr: Fine list with a couple of great filtering options. It’s list is not as extensive as the one on Myblogguest, but it’s growing and the sites there are sure to answer your messages.
  • Bloggerlinkup: Bloggerlinkup is one of my favorite services – get a list delivered to your email account with guest post accepting blogs. You can also advertise your well written articles. A really great compensation for your google guest post alerts.
  • Triberr: Register with your twitter to find bonfires of different bloggers there. A good place to take a look around if you’d like to establish a connection with some new bloggers.

The edge:

The edge here is also an obstacle: bloggers here are openly accepting guest posts, but they are usually buried under a ton of outreach emails, so you’ll have to work hard to stand out in their mailbox. My usual tactic which works well here is the bait and hook. I’m usually saying I have an article I wrote about “this closely related topic”, but it’s not really for you. The webmasters are a curious bunch, so they often bite for these articles, as if they were the only ones out there. 

III. Browse around:

This is one of my favorite ways to find good blogs . It’s possible to find blogs you wouldn’t ever find any other way, since they are not following the usual patterns, such as: they are not stating clearly that they are open for guest bloggers, they have never published a contributed article and so on.

shutterstock_464045291-300x225Where to start? A good place would be alltop.com. Simply search for your top industry blogs, select one, and start to follow the thread of bloggers linking to each other, like a spiders web, one good blog just leads to the other. These blog lists are slightly more useful than the usual “top 10 industry blogs” search results, since they are not constantly bombarded with emails because they are mentioned in damn best of the web list! Find the links to follow under: blogrolls, other blogs, our favorite blogs, blogs we follow and our friends.

The edge:

When you reach out to these bloggers, there is a high chance they are aware of the path you found them by, so take advantage of this and mention this in the reach out email. Saying in the email that you found them through a friend of theirs is a great advantage over your adversaries. Combine that with your awesome outreach message, and your success is almost guaranteed.

IV. Google+

Despite being written off by many, Google+ is here to stay and is actually becoming increasingly popular in the blogging community. Searching for your focus topics could yield great results if you are looking from the right angle. There are of course many good angles to search G+, and my one is trends. When I search for certain topics combined with trends, more often than not I get great results, with people sharing relevant topics around. Check out their profile for links to their blog or website.

The edge:

I wouldn’t call this method an easy one, but you’ll immediately find people who are interested in your ideas and actively building their blog. If you have great ideas for content, you’ll be able to connect with them easily.

V. The List:

Last, but not least, here is a great list compiled by Kim Roach of buzzblogger.com, with more guest posting opportunities you can handle till X-mas!

Find the list here:  http://www.buzzblogger.com/600-places-to-share-your-content/

The edge::

Great quality blogs listed in an organized way. What else would you need? 

I hope you found some interesting ideas from this post. If you’re interested in scaling your guest posting you should check our guest posting service out. Thanks for reading!

Written by David Veibl

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  1. Steff
    Steff says:

    This is some seriously good advice and ideas. I run guest posting campaigns for my clients and the hardest part of the job is matching their subject matter to blogs. One of my clients has a subject that is very difficult to match to blogs, as the majority of blogs in his niche are personal blogs that don’t accept guest posts, but I enjoy the challenge :). That Buzzblogger article is an absolute goldmine, and I had never heard of Bloggerlinkup or Triberr, so cheers!


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